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Saturday, September 05, 2009

24Herbs - Hu Ge MV

24Herbs has released their newest music video for one of their songs called Hu Ge. I thought at first the chorus of Hu Ge was either in Spanish or Portuguese because it kinda sounds like Spanish or Portuguese (due to my ignorance of both languages) and also because the song has a pseudo-kinda-sounding reggaeton instrumental. Then I read in between the lines of "Hu Ge Clea Va Ge I Li Ke Clea Va Ge," and a grin flashed across my face. The chorus is freakin' briliant!! One really cool thing about the Hu Ge music video is that it features 3D scenes of the girls (but you gotta wear those red-blue 3D glasses to see the 3D effects).

Shortly after the release of Hu Ge, 24Herbs producer Ghost Style wrote in his blog about how the song originated:
Last night we (24Herbs) released our new video "Hu Ge". I love this one. Shout-out to Mo, Wy and Wen who did a great job! Thanks guys! Pretty organic the way it came out and in my opinion that's the best way to write music. To create stuff that is original, an expression of u and that people can 'feel' on different levels is a gift and the best feeling. How it happened was we were driving and saw a fine woman wearing a 'deep v' top. JBS says, "Clea Va Ge", we all laughed and i added "Hu Ge!" haha It was kinda Latin sounding and so, always kept in my mind for a reggaton-type song. JBS comes up with crazy slang all day--this is one of his classics for sure. Thanks to 24Herbs and Revolution for being supportive from the get-go. They took a risk to make some real music. Love that. Another classic.