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Monday, September 21, 2009

SACRAfice - Boarding Pass mixtape

SACRAfice - Boarding Pass mixtape

From his own words:
I go by the name of SACRAfice, and I'm just an upcoming Asian-American artist from Sacramento, CA. I'm an English speaking, Korean-American recording artist born in Seoul, Korea, that came to the states as an infant. I was raised in a lower to middle class neighborhood in Sacramento, CA. Surrounded by a blend of many ethnicities, I grew up in a environment full all types of cultural influences that directly & indirectly permeated into my music. I starting writing as a teenager but never made music until about a two years ago. And after joining a local Sacramento group called PCM in 2008, I gained access to new quality production and network support. And within a span of about of a year, I finished my debut project "Boarding Pass", which is like a prelude, or sampler to my album Foreign Exchange, due out 2010.

From a previous interview that SACRAfice did:
Why do I make my music?

I make music for so many reasons.

I make music because it supplements so many aspects of my life. I get so much from creating, and implementing a vision.

I make music because i feel like Asian Americans deserve and need positive role models to see, but not necessarily look up to. I just want to represent another option.

I make music for people that are proud of who there are. Regardless, of the good and bad.

I make music for the dreamers, and the underachievers, and anyone trying to better themselves.

I make music to sometimes take people away from life.

To be honest, I never imagined I'd become a recording artist. I was perfectly content being a fan. However, after listening to the music slowly dilute in content & skill over the years, i decided instead of complaining about it, I do something about it.

Especially after seeing so many corny Asians rappers out there, i couldn't take it.

What do I hope to accomplish?

I want to be able to create a career out of this. I want to emulate careers like Talib Kweli,

The Roots, Royce da 5.9. Those artists are full time artists and respected in the underground and accepted in parts of mainstream media. I don't want or expect to become a superstar but I hope that I have dual acceptance one day.

What does music means to you?

Music is an integral part of my life. It allows me to simultaneously fulfill so many areas of my life. It's like the soundtrack to my personality. It allows my voice to be heard.

Music makes me feel relevant.

Boarding Pass Track listing:

01 SACRAfice
02 All This For Me
03 Know My Name
04 I'm On It
05 Conquer It All
06 Not Ready (feat. Floe Montana)
07 I Work (feat. Chase Moore & Mahtie Bush)
08 Passport
09 A Mile In My Shoes (feat. Chase Moore & Cawzlos)
10 I Said Look
11 Don't Need Y'all
12 Hollywood (feat. Chase Moore)
13 I Think You Scared
14 Boss In The Booth (feat. Kel Cz)
15 Get Your Game Right (feat. Chase Moore & Kel Cz)
16 Hold Up (feat. Chase Moore & Al G)
17 Dream

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Gina said...

wonderful person and a great artist! love your music.