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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Filipina Shawty (MTV) by Greedy & Andez

Title: Filipina Shawty (Like Mine)
Artist: Greedy feat. Andez (Mid Nasty)

Mid Nasty members includes: Greedy, Andez, Fry, Early, Cloud and Kurt. Mid Nasty is one of the winners of MTV Emerge (, showcased by the Philippine Department of Tourism and Jeepney Music by's (of Black Eyed Peas).

According to MTV Emerge website:
MTV Emerge is a platform for unsigned music talent in the Philippines to showcase their work and to be given an opportunity to win a one-year recording contract with Jeepney Music.

Collaborating with the Department of Tourism (DOT) and Jeepney Music, MTV Emerge not only aims to hunt for the hottest unsigned music talent from all genres of music (indie, rock, hip-hop, R&B, metal, solo artists, DJs, etc), it is also an online music community where new music from the Philippines can be discovered.
Based on his myspace info:
"Greedy, a young talented rapper from Dumaguete City, Oriental Negros, Philippines. Catering filipino flow hiphop music. The name "Greedy" was originally taken from his hood name "Hakug" a term used by the people in his neighborhood to describe hustlin youngsters. Despite being in the slum and hard struggles in the streets, this Filipino rapper performs with a positive outlook in life. He believes that despite being in a 3rd world country, he can make it out and achieve whatever he wants with the right grinding. Being aware of his surroundings, Greedy also strives to influence the youth to be responsible to the community and have the right perspective in life. He believes that music is a great instrument to dissolve the cultural boundaries of the world and that music itself, is more powerful than any artillery created. His music is inspired by what his surroundings present and put them on the positive groove of things. "Being in the ghetto doesn't mean you have to spend everyday mourning about where you are, instead, find a way to get out of the slum." Other than his talent in music, he also presents talent in photography, graphic designing, videography, painting & video editing."
Another winner is DRP or Dirty Room Production with their song titled "Huminga (Breathe)".

You can check their entry at:

According to the personal info stated by DRP on MTV EMERGE:
"It’s a sad fact that local hip hop is almost synonymous with the word “JOLOGS” (Jologs is a Filipino Slang and Street Term for someone who acts like punks from the slum area, squatter or street.) or “BADUY” (Baduy is another Filipino Slang and Street Term for someone who is uncool, not in style, low class, often synonymous with Jologs.) here in the Philippines. DRP Music means to change this with the unmistakable sound and flavor of FILIPINO HIP HOP and RnB that are equal to the likes of international artists in our genre."
Posted by madshock, blogging from the Philippines. Props to Royal of Asian Rap Worldwide for giving me the opportunity to share what is happening in the Philippine Hiphop Scene. Thanks.

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