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Monday, January 18, 2010

1 VS 99 - Hong Kong Hip Hop documentary

The Swiss film-makers from have produced a 4-part documentary called 1 VS 99 , a documentary on the development of Hong Kong hip hop culture featuring interviews with the leading pioneers of Hong Kong hip hop.

Part 1 with MC YAN, the Godfather of Hong Kong Hip Hop movement at his house in the new territories. About how he get into touch with Hip Hop, the Hong Kong Graffiti cluture and some thoughts about Revolution.

Part 2 with 24HERBS at their Jiu Jo Music Video shooting for AIDS concern. Local Hong Kong Hip Hop group about the Music industry, Mainstream Music and the Future of local Hip Hop.

Part 3 REAL UNDERGROUND with Buddy crew, sanGfan, B-Boy Monkey and MastaMic, about whats going on behind the shining lights of Hong Kong, in the underground.

Part 4 HIP HOP ENTREPRENEURS with Internet Radio Dada and Graffiti Supply store Dirty Panda, about spreading Hip Hop in Hong Kong and the problems that they face with their projects.