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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Chuckie A - From The Beginning

Chuckie A - From The Beginning

From The Beginning is Chuckie A's debut album and it has a whopping 27 tracks in total. The digital version Chuckie sent me doesn't have any numbers on the file names so I don't know what is the official track order. A lot of the songs from this album are about Chuckie's pains, struggles and aspirations, hence the title From The Beginning. There are a number of songs in this album that were previously released in his Before I Begin album.

If you a fan of Chuckie, by all means go hit him up at to get a digital copy of From The Beginning for $5.

Track Listing (in Alphabetical order):

Chuckie - Like A Love Song
Chuckie A - Annie
Chuckie A - Chasing My Dreams
Chuckie A - Everywhere We Go
Chuckie A - From The Beginning
Chuckie A - How We Living
Chuckie A - Music Is My Life
Chuckie A - My Paradise
Chuckie A - One Way Out
Chuckie A - This Is For
Chuckie A - Time and Time Again
Chuckie A - Watch Out
Chuckie A - We Cry
Chuckie A Ft. Andree, Annie - Friends
Chuckie A Ft. BabyT. Smile
Chuckie A ft. Christopher Charles - Love Hurts
Chuckie A Ft. Duane Star - Uptown
Chuckie A Ft. Gamble - Steal The Show
Chuckie A Ft. KB - Inhale Fresh Air
Chuckie A Ft. Migo, Boogz - All We Know
Chuckie A Ft. S.Y - Tell me
Chuckie A Ft. Tony Atlis - Who You Are
Chuckie A w.FA - Be With You
Chuckie A, J.Reyez, Benny Blacc - Let Em Know
Chuckie A. Ft. Queeny - All Alone
Chuckie Ft. Loc - Ok
V.I.P - Duane Starr Ft. Rochester, Chuckie A


Anonymous said...

nice chuckie finally dropped his album, could I get the download link cuhz