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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

龙咆 (Dragon Roar) - China Hip Hop Mixtape Vol 10

龙咆 (Dragon Roar) Vol 10 mixtape

龙咆 (Dragon Roar) Vol 10 mixtape

This is the 10th volume of the 龙咆 hip hop mixtape series featuring a compilation hip hop artists from all across China.


01、Jason'L - Last night(Intro)
02、LMF - _紧中指
03、政客 Feat.Tbc未完待续 - Sky is the limit
04、T.M.G - Put on
05、Young Mai Feat.Coney - Life show
06、影流 - 她说啥
07、Hyuk(Of 乱战门) - 抓住这种感觉
08、政客 - You gotta feel me
09、Green Clan格林派 - 走走停停
10、T.M.G - Beautiful
11、君临天下(JohnnyD.M.X Feat.Eaven) - Live my own life
12、海男 - 迷幻城市(Interlude 1)
13、MC咚子&MC小硕啡 - 欠骂的崽子
14、FatKan Feat.Mow Robin - I need ya pussy
15、M.House(Of 轮环) - 现实,世界
16、茶米 - Do you like hiphop
17、ABD&Skeewe&Coney - 吹口哨儿
18、TMC Feat.Dirty.R - Save hiphop for real
19、R.P.S Feat.Baby Queen - Every day is my day
20、Naggy(Of 政客) - Angel in my life
21、Beerco&浪人Lan Yor&Izzy - 讲乜都得
22、卷儿(Of 乱战门) - I still dream
23、Eddie(Of 少先队) - I wanna see you(Interlude 2)
24、Young Mai - Callin' me daddy
25、影流 - You are the one
26、呆宝静(Of 天王星) - 有味(哑乌梅)
27、CZZC Feat.小突 - Homies
28、浪人Lan Yor&Beerco - 堕落,快乐,寂寞
29、Bramble - Living alone
30、Crazy Rubbit - Lucy
31、aJun(Of 启社) - 逸(Outro)

DOWNLOAD: 龙咆 (Dragon Roar) - China Hip Hop Mixtape Vol 10


Anonymous said...

Hey, the file doesn't open for me. Is it corrupt? Thanks

ROYAL said...

I have changed the download link. Try it now.

Unknown said...

still doesn't work bro.

Damien Brachet said...

still doesn't work