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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Susan & Emily Hsu singing 愛拼才會贏 (Ai-Biahnh Jah-eh Eah) to raise funds for Typhoon Morakot Victims

Susan and Emily Hsu, two Taiwanese-American sisters from the band Exit Clov, were featured on China Times for their fundraising efforts for Typhoon Morakot victims in Taiwan with their YouTube acoustic guitar/violin rendition of the Taiwanese folk song Ai-Biahnh Jah-eh Eah (Chinese: 愛拼才會贏) which means "you have to work really hard to succeed". Ai-Biahnh Jah-eh Eah is about persevering and overcoming the hardships that life sometimes throws at us -- which is very fitting especially for those who have lost everything because of Typhoon Morakot.

The YouTube description for their original video only anticipated 500 views through September 1st but because of news coverage, social media networks and internet forums, the video has gone viral and currently sits 88,286 hits (I'm sure it will have more by the time you are reading this) and there are plenty more days before September 1st. Here is the original YouTube video:

If you guys are moved by their song to help, by all means, check out their at site at: and that is where you can find more details to help.

And because I really like the song, here are the Chinese, phoneticized Chinese & English translation lyrics of Ai-Biahnh Jah-eh Eah.
jit si sit ji mmm mehn wan tan
When you suffer a setback it is hard not to sigh,

jit si lou pek mmm mehn dam han
When you are down on your luck it is hard not to get discouraged.

la tong sit ki hi bbang
But When you lose hope,

mui lit zui bbang bbang
And be in a drunken stupor all day,

bbo hun wu tay cin ciu dio cao lang
Then you are souless with a body, like a scarecrow.

lin sing ko bi si hai siong ey pou long
Life can be compared to waves on the sea,

wu si kee - wu si lou
Sometimes it rises, and sometimes fall.

hoh oon pai oon
Good luck, bad luck -

zong ma (jiao) ki gang lai gia
We still have to work.

sa hun tin zu dia cit hun ko pa pia
For 30% is determined by heaven, while 70% is how much you strive for.

ai pia a jia ey yia
Only those who work hard can succeed.

translation credits: telly from chinesemusicblog