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Friday, August 21, 2009

JimmyBoi - I Do It For The Hustlaz mixtape / I Got It MV

JimmyBoi - I Do It For The Hustlaz

This is JimmyBoi's latest mixtape released this month called I Do It For The Hustlaz. One of the tracks in the album JD Watch Froze, features Paul Wall, Fat Joe, Lil Keke and Slim Thug.

Track listing:

01. Ain’t I Freestyle (1:52)
02. Don’t See You (3:13)
03. Dunn Dunn Freestyle (2:55)
04. I’m The Man Freestyle (2:41)
05. No Hook (2:24)
06. Ima Block Star (2:58)
07. JD Watch Froze (ft. Paul Wall, Fat Joe, Lil Keke, Slim Thug) (6:19)
08. Know About A G (ft. T Double) (3:18)
09. Time Is Money (ft. T Double) (3:29)
10. Pill Flippa (2:58)
11. Other Shit (3:19)
12. Down 4 My Block (2:07)
13. I Got It (ft. Parlae & Boo Man) (4:25)
14. Whip Game Proper (ft. T Double & TK) (4:16)
15. This Is 4 Ma (ft. Young Buck) (4:17)
16. You Know What It Is (2:15)
17. Whatchu Lookin’ At (2:18)
18. How U Like Me Now (ft. T Double) (2:45)
19. Live 2 Hustle Thang Remix (ft. T Double) (3:36)

DOWNLOAD (via DJ Farm): JimmyBoi - I Do It For The Hustlaz

JimmyBoi also released a music video for I Got It which features Parlae & Boo Man. When they say "I Got It", they are referring to their narcotic hookups as you can see one of the guys doing some "cooking" in the kitchen. JimmyBoi's verse in I Got It is about how he's a big-time ecstasy dealer called "Pill Gates" lol. This music video/song is a little too grimey for my tatste.


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