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Friday, August 21, 2009

My review of Soft Lipa's 收斂水 (Lotion) album

Soft Lipa's 收斂水 (Lotion) LP & 打包 Pack I got in the mail

I've been following Taiwan's Soft Lipa since last year after seeing his catchy music video about smoking weed and getting high called 煙霧瀰漫 (Haziness). It wasn't the subject matter of the song that really drawn me to Soft Lipa (believe me, I had my, but rather his rapping style which I thought was really dope! Since then I found some other music videos from Soft Lipa that he released over time and I started to like his music more and more. When I read online that he released his album last month, I had to get it. So flash forward to a couple of days ago, I got a parcel in the mail with these two goodies inside: Soft Lipa's 收斂水 (Lotion) LP & 打包 Pack Single, all the way from from Taiwan! Shout outs to Lo-Wei and Soft Lipa from KAO!Inc for hooking a brother up!!

Back to the album. So when I got my hands on the 收斂水 (Lotion) album (no pun intended), it turns out that the album is actually a small hardcover book mainly of various photos of Soft Lipa, lyrics and a CD attached to the back of the book. As for the music, Soft Lipa is known for rapping over jazz hip hop beats. The jazzy hip hop instrumentals combined with Soft Lipa's rapping creates a very chill and laid-back feeling when you listen to it. As far as Soft Lipa's rap style, he's a very fluid rapper and he flows very well in Mandarin Chinese. His rapping style and enunciation is more "soothing" to listen to than MC Hotdog's, who prefers to rap more harshly. My favourite tracks from 收斂水 (Lotion) are: Hit The Rhyme, Bamboo Holla, 關於小熊 (About Little Bear), 遇見 (Meet), 收斂水 (Lotion) and 煙霧瀰漫 (Haziness). I wish I can give a more in-depth review about the lyrical content of the album but my Chinese is not at the level of a native speaker. But to sum up everything, this is a great album to show case how they do hip hop in Taiwan. I highly recommend Soft Lipa's 收斂水 (Lotion) album.

Soft Lipa - 收斂水 (Lotion)

Track Listing:

01.關鍵字 (Intro)
02.Hit the Rhyme
03.Bamboo Holla
06.給你一個吻 (Skit)
08.Start it Underground
10.煙霧瀰漫 (Jazzy Remix)
14.煙霧瀰漫 (Bonus)

Here are some of the "newer" music videos from Soft Lipa's new album.

This is the music video for 關於小熊 (About little bear). It's a song about a green plush bear that witnesses the unfolding of a love story between a boy and a girl.

This is the music video for 遇見 (Meet), which is an introspective song about how and where you meet people even when you are the least conscious about it. The music video features Taiwanese girls looking cute and posing for the camera.

This is a live performance of Soft Lipa's title track 收斂水 (Lotion). The song talks about lotion as a metaphor for chillaxing and unwinding from the busy/noisy life.

For the other music videos, search for Soft Lipa.


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loving his songs and jazzy hip hop..