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Monday, October 27, 2008

Zeebra - Not Your Boyfriend feat Jesse (RIZE)

Zeebra - World of Music

Zeebra aka, the "King of Hip Hop", is a Japanese rapper that helped to pioneer the Japanese hip hop industry. Zeebra first began his rap career with an underground rap group called King Giddra (along with K Dub Shine and DJ Oasis) in 1993. King Giddra was a rap group rapped about socio-economic and political issues in Japan and gained an underground following. 4 years later, Zeebra pursued his solo career in 1997 and has gained mainstream popularity in Japan. He has currently 6 albums released: The Rhyme Animal (1998), Based On A True Story (2000), The First Struggle (2002), Tokyo's Finest (2003), The New Beginning (2006), and World of Music (2007). It is said that Zeebra will release an album called King of Hip Hop sometime in 2008.

Not Your Boyfriend is a male-chauvinistic and misogynistic song which is a common theme in hip hop music. It features Jesse from the Japanese rock band, Rize. Not your Boyfriend was a major hit in Japan in 2007. I like the music video production very much. The music video has a lot of red in it, which symbolizes lust and anger and it is very fitting for this song.