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Saturday, October 04, 2008

P-Collabroz - Philippines MVPs (Pinoy Anthem)

P-Collabroz is a Filipino rap group from Germany that raps in the German language. They have released a popular Asian rap song called Philippines MVPs, also known as The Pinoy Anthem.

The story of this Pinoy Anthem began when DeeRock Musique (Wizdom and Kid.of.Beatz), produced an instrumental in 2006 for LAD, who wanted to make a track. Wizdom then came up with the idea to make a collaboration track with other Filipino rappers, so he contacted Floribang and Mooniz and asked them, if they wanted to do the collabo-track. They both agreed. And thus the 3 rappers: LAD, Floribang and Mooniz now formed the rap group P-Collaboz and recorded their verses for Philippines MVPs. The chorus was written by Mooniz and the girl singing it is Julie-Ann, Wizdom's cousin.

In February 2007, the P-Collabroz decided to make a music video, which was leaked to YouTube on June 2007. P-Collabroz are very active the Filipino-Asian Community and have fans in Germany, even in Austria and Switzerland.


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