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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Too Phat - Just a Friend

Too Phat - Plan B

Just a Friend is a song by the Malaysian hip hop group Too Phat from their Plan B album. The song and instrumental is a tribute to Biz Markie's original 1989 hit with the same name. In this song, Malique tells his story about a girl named "Jenny" that has he known since pre-school. Although it appears that Malique and Jenny are building their future together the song foreshadows another man in Jenny's life. Jenny denies this and reassures Malique that person she was with is "just a friend". Later as the story develops, Malique decides to give Jenny a suprise visit in her college dormitory. And to his surprise he discovers "a fella half naked with my gurl on the couch/ and baby Jenny moaning, uggg uggh aggh and ouch/". Joe Flizzow's rap verse talks about a girl named "Wanda" that he wanted to pursue. When he finally gets with Wanda, he soon discovers that Wanda likes to kiss other girls and that "she's just a friend".

One cool factoid about this song is that Too Phat's version of Just a Friend was released during the same time period as Mario's Just a Friend.


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toophat ft VE..