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Saturday, March 14, 2009

UPT - 흑기사 (Black Knight)

UPT - New Era

UPT or Uptown is a Korean R&B/rap group that T used to be a part of. UPT was popular in Korea during the late 90's when Korean hip hop was starting to blow up. The group's lineup had many changes over the years. The only remaining and original member of UPT is Jung and he is joined by 3 new members: Maniac, Swings and Chan, a prominent Asian-American rapper formerly known as "Snacky Chan". UPT has just released their 6th and newest album called New Era. Their other albums are Represent (1995), Represented...Now Believe (1997), Chapter 3 in History (1998), Verbal Medication (1999), and Testimony (2006).

흑기사 or "Black Knight" in English is a song from UPT's latest album New Era. It is a song about the "black knight saving the damsel in distress". This song is for hope during the current economic crisis in Korea. Its a decent song but I would never have imagined Chan rapping in Korean. His music with UPT just sounds so different compared to his old music.


Anonymous said...

yea the whole thing caught me off guard.

i guess a man's gotta get paid. haha.