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Monday, June 29, 2009

Drunken Tiger - Feel gHood Musik: The 8th Wonder / Monster

Drunken Tiger - Feel gHood Musik: The 8th Wonder

Drunken Tiger, has just released their 8th album entitled Feel gHood Musik: The 8th Wonder today. This time, the 8th album is a solo effort from Tiger JK since DJ Shine has left the group to pursue his own solo rap career. The album has 27 tracks on two compact discs. The concept of Feel gHood Musik: The 8th Wonder is that the two discs have very different sounds. The first CD, the "Feel Good Side", brings a mellow, easy-listening side of hip hop. The second CD, the "Feel Hood Side" has a bangin' hardcore hip hop sound for hip hop enthusiasts. Looking at the track listing, the album I noticed that Roscoe Umali made a couple of appearances in the album. Big ups to Roscoe!

Track listing:

01 [Feel Good Side] Feel Good Music
02 Jet Pack (Korean Version) [feat. Sef Cobane and Bizzy]
03 Magic (Work Plus Work is 3,2,1) [feat. Ann]
04 Congratulations [feat. Suh Jo Dan]/ 05. Don’t Cry [feat. Jin Bo]
05 Number Games
06 Skit [Crazy for Music Loptimist is Staying Up Tonight As Well]
07 True Romance [feat. T]
08 Doo Doo Doo Wap Ba Ba Ru [feat. Jungsshin and Sun]
09 Guitar Missing the 6th String/11/ Superfine (Step Aside)
10 Hip-Hop Craft/13. Question [feat. Ann]

01 [Feel Hood Side] Monster [Korean Ver.]
02 I Won’t Die Before I Die (What U Want) [feat. Bizzy and Palo Alto]
03 Rebel Music
04 Look At My Eyes [feat. Bizzy,YDG, and Jung In]
05 Frequency
06 Freaky Deaky Superstar [feat. Jungsshin, and Sun]
07 To Rub [feat. Bizzy, Palo A lot, Yanggang, 1kyne, and Samad]
08 Die Legend 2 [feat. Dynamic Duo, Dok2]
09 Jet Pack (English ver.) [feat. Stylistic Jones, Zeebra, and Sef Cobane]
10 Rest in Peace (Question) [Feat. Ann]
11 Three Kingz [feat Roscoe Umali, and Stylistic Jones]
12 Partner [feat. Palo Alto]
13 Crying In Grief Sound [feat. Sean2slow, Bizzy, Palo Alto, Double K, and Dok2]
14 Monster (English Ver) [feat. Rakka, Roscoe Umali, T, and Rakim]

Here's a leaked Mp3 from the "Feel Hood Side" CD, the English version of Monster. This track features Rakka from the Dilated Peoples, Roscoe Umali, T and The God MC himself, Rakim Allah.

LISTEN/DOWNLOAD: Drunken Tiger - Monster feat Rakka, Roscoe Umali, T and Rakim