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Friday, June 26, 2009

Djaybuddah & Thaitanium Interviews DJ Clark Kent

Here's an interview that Djaybuddah and Thaitanium did with the living legend himself, DJ Clark Kent for AWhatUp Radio in Bangkok, Thailand. In the interview, they discussed a lot about hip hop culture. Here are some of the highlights from the interview:

  • Clark Kent considers Red Cafe, Curtains and Fabolous the hottest emcees right now that are from Brooklyn, New York
  • Clark Kent says that Jay-Z is the "best emcee" (and second best rapper) while Biggie is the "best rapper" (and second best emcee)
  • An emcee, according to Clark Kent, is all about lyricism and the substance behind the rhymes
  • A good rapper, according to Clark Kent, is one that makes great songs
  • Clark Kent says that Soulja Boy and Bow Wow are "great rappers", but they aren't emcees (and that they'll get "shitted on" if they go against Joe Budden in the booth)
  • Clark Kent claims to own 26,000 pairs of shoes
  • Clark Kent says that Grandmaster Flash got the "Grandmaster" part of his name from the original Grandmaster: Grandmaster Flowers from Brooklyn
  • Clark Kent has been buying records since he was 7 years old and claims to have 80,000 records in his collection

Watch the remaining parts 2 and 3 of the interview: