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Monday, June 22, 2009

Yellow: American Dream, Chinese Ambition Teaser

Check out this trailer of this upcoming short film called Yellow: American Dream, Chinese Ambition. The film is about Chinese gangsters in New York city's Chinatown. The length of the short film is about 22 minutes. Tony Murphy, the producer and co-writer of Yellow, got in touch with me and told me that he is planning use this upcoming short film as a spring board to develop a one hour dramatic cable series like a Chinese-styled Sopranos set in Chinatown, New York. If all goes well the series will be airing on the like of HBO, Showtime or some other US cable network. His ultimate goal is to tell interesting compelling stories about the Chinese experience in New York while examining how Americans view Asians and how Asians view themselves. I also was very impressed that he had quite an extensive knowledge about the Chinese underground and how they operate. The man did his homework!

Here is a 1 minute behind the scenes video featuring leading actor Ty Won, who plays the part of "Chino", and the co-creators of Yellow, Troy Antonio and Tony Murphy: