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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

North Korean "Defector Boxing Girl" Choi Hyun-mi (Korean Million Dollar Baby)

Choi Hyun-mi or the "defector boxer girl" as she is often called, is making big headlines in South Korea. Choi Hyun-mi is originally from North Korea and in 2004 her family made a decision to defect North Korea. Three years later after settling in Seoul in 2007, she she became the WBA featherweight boxing champion and is still the reigning champion after successfully defending it last week against Japanese challenger Tsubasa Tenku. Choi Hyun-mi is a real-deal Korean "Million Dollar Baby". I smell a movie about her life story somewhere down the road...

Check out this pic of Choi Hyun-mi punching Tsubasa Tenku. Wow! Look at that punching power and the ripple-effect it has on Tsubasa's cheeks! LOL.

Choi: "This one is for KORRRREEAAAA!!"