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Friday, December 04, 2009

J.Reyez - Passing Me By feat. Chris Jackson

J.Reyez, a Korean rapper from Hamilton, Ontario has new song out called Passing Me By featuring Chris Jackson. This is a break-up song and J.Reyez sounds really emotionally intense about it. But hey, at least he got it all out right? And that's therapeutic! Thank goodness for rap music. The YouTube video features the lyrics of Passing Me By, so feel free to read along.

DOWNLOAD MP3: J.Reyez - Passing Me By feat. Chris Jackson


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Anonymous said...

Feelin this.

Anonymous said...

this song woulda been better if it was 2-sided tho, like have the girl do the chorus instead. but the stuff he raps about is so biased sounding, like the word: hurt said by a chick prolly meant her feelings were hurt, and another dude listning could take it as the bf beat her or some shit. and not every rapper makes it big like he does. so if she told him to focus on real work its not half bad advice. haha sounds dope tho, just a lil emo and personal for my taste