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Sunday, April 19, 2009

sci - sci: year one


sci is Filipino, who grew up in Queens, New York and currently lives in Jersey City, New Jersey. He is an upcoming rapper, singer and producer for Jersey Boys Music. sci is currently working on a project called sci: year one. In the project, sci will release a new song every week for the duration of one year. By the end of the year, he will have 52 tracks for the 52 weeks of the year. sci's main purpose for sci: year one is to keep him constantly writing and recording. sci is currently in week 37 and has released 37 out of 52 songs for the year.

sci also has written some background information on the Jersey Boys Music blog for every song he released, sharing with the listeners what was the concept behind the song or what was the creative process like for him to create the song. This is all about developing a personal connection with the listener and giving them an inside look about what sci is all about and how he goes about things. By all means, go check out his blog!

Here are sci's tracks for sci: year one

Here are sci's websites:

official website:


nemo said...

my partner spits hot fire! make sure u people check him out

Unknown said...

sci is my hero!


Anonymous said...

sci is my hero


adonis said...

sci- hiphop's savior.

Susie AKA Shruj said...

I am lovin' ALL of the tracks! I have to admit, you have a lot of talent, Sci! I'm looking forward to the new tracks you put out.

P.S. "With Me" is definitely one of my favorites!

becky said...

looking forward to see how you finish off the rest of the tracks of year one. been loving what you're released so far.

Jersey Boys are definitely making it to top!

Anonymous said...

arent you that guy from the asian rap duo Triangle Offense (, the one with the free album via digital download on their website?