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Saturday, April 18, 2009

24Herbs - 激光中 (Within the Laser) feat. Charmaine Fong

24Herbs have released a new music video of their song 激光中 (which means something to the effect of "Within the Laser"). For the instrumental of
激光中, 24Herbs sampled the original version of 激光中 which was a popular flamboyant song in Hong Kong during the 1980's by the Godfather of Cantopop, Roman Tam (he was rapping in the original version too! lol). I guess what 24Herbs tried to, was to re-create some of the fun, silliness and flamboyant-ness of the original 激光中. One small quibble I have about the 24Herbs version of 激光中 is that Ghost Style's verse didn't really flow that well.

24Herbs is a hip hop group in Hong Kong. They are named after a bitter Chinese herbal drink 廿四味 (24Herbs in English). 24Herbs has six members: Dor Yuk, Drunk, Sir-Eats-a-lot, Ghost Style, Ah Kit and Ah Phat. Ah Kit and Ah Phat are former members of the rock-rap group, LMF. 24Herbs have only one self-titled album that was released in 2008 and they are currently working on their sophomore album.

Here are the websites for 24Herbs: