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Thursday, March 26, 2009

MC Yan Raps About Hong Kong's Air Pollution

MC Yan teamed up with Greenpeace China to protest against the worsening of air quality to the Hong Kong government. Hong Kong's air pollution is affecting the health of its residents and also affecting its economy as well. The main sources of air pollution in Hong Kong are the local coal power plants, vehicle exhaust emissions, and ships that come in and out of Hong Kong's ports. Also, across the border in Guangdong, China it is heavily industrialized and there are many factories emitting poisonous fumes that find their way into Hong Kong.

The song or video production below is MC Yan protesting to the Hong Kong government to tell the truth about Hong Kong air quality. The current Hong Kong Air Pollution Index is based on an obsolete 1987 standard which does not give Hong Kong citizens the real picture of how dangerous the air quality is because they are not using the up-to-date World Health Organization Air Quality Guidelines.