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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Corpus - Made in Thailand

Corupus - Stand Alone Complex

Corpus is a Thai rapper from New York, New York. He has a new music video out for his new single called Made in Thailand which is about bridging the gap between all the generations of Thai people and instilling Thai pride. This song is from Corpus' Stand Alone Complex album.

The song samples the original Made in Thailand from the legendary Thai rock band Carabao. The original Made in Thailand is about how globalization affects Thai culture. Many Thais look down on goods that are labeled "Made in Thailand". This is because they don't see locally produced goods as fashionable as foreign imports.

The second rapper who raps in Thai has a pretty sick flow. Does anyone know who that rapper is?

You can find Corpus' myspace at:


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EAR, MEM and Corpus do awareness gigs. Stop the ignorance on this.