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Friday, December 12, 2008

Mountain Brothers - Paperchase

Mountain Brothers
Clockwise from Top Left: Styles, Peril-L and Chops

The world is facing tough economic times ahead. The current headline in the news reports that the United States senate voted against the bailing out of the American auto sector. So right now the big three auto makers: Ford, General Motors and Chrysler might file for bankruptcy anytime soon. Oh my... things are going to get real ugly. Bits and pieces of the US economy are falling one after the other like dominoes. I pray that president-elect Barack Obama has a plan to get out of this financial mess.

*Ahem* back to your regular scheduled program on Asian Rap Worldwide :)

The Asian American rap group, Mountain Brothers have a song called Paperchase, which is a hip hop slang for chasing after money. This is a conscious rap song about how paperchasing negatively impacts the quality of hip hop. All the (c)rap you hear in the mainstream nowadays is water-downed hip hop. The way the industry is right now, it forces rappers to "sell-out" to sell records. Paperchase can be found on the Mountain Brothers' Self: Volume 1 album.

I encourage all of you to read the lyrics of Paperchase.