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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Heartsdales Candy Pop feat. Soul'd Out

Heartsdales - Sugar Shine

Heartsdales is a Japanese hip hop duo consisting of two sisters: Rum and Jewels. Their sound is a mixture of hip hop and Japanese pop. Rum and Jewels are both fluent in both Japanese and English as the two sisters grew up in Yonkers, New York. In 2001, the two sisters were discovered in an audition television program in Japan. Since then they have released 4 albums: Radioactive (2002), Sugar Shine (2003), Super Star (2005), and their last album Ultra Foxy in (2006). After the release of Ultra Foxy, in the summer of 2006, Heartsdales disbanded and the sisters have pursued their own individual endeavours outside the music industry.

Candy Pop was one of Heartsdales' biggest singles from the Sugar Shine album. Its a boy-meets-girl type of song featuring Japanese rap trio Soul'd Out (consisting of Diggy-MO', Bro. Hi, and Shinnosuke as the DJ). The song is about all the strange and exciting emotions and feelings you get when you meet first meet someone that you are attracted to. The song and music video of Candy Pop might sound cute and innocent but there's quite a bit of sexual innuendo in this song such as "I got too much candy pop in me" and "Hey boy, wanna ride?" and last but definitely not least, "I wanna touch it".

The first time I was introduced to Candy Pop was in 2006. Someone sent me a link to a YouTube video of an Asian girl sucking a highlighter to the background music of Candy Pop. Unfortunately, its no longer available for your viewing pleasure.