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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Our Mission here in Asian Rap Worldwide

This message is for all the supporters of Asian Rap Worldwide who have made all things possible.

Why did I create Asian Rap Worldwide?

I’ll let you guys know where I'm coming from. I made this website (it’s in the early stages right now) because I feel that Asian rappers do not have a strong platform to promote their music and their message. The problem is not racism, the problem is that our own people don't even know that we have artists in our OWN COMMUNITY that they can TOTALLY RELATE TO!! Music is the universal language, it can open up many borders and even black, white, Spanish can even listen to our music, but first and foremost we need to get the word out to our own community. Just like hip hop is for all people all over the world, but it is based in the black community. All black people know black rappers, but not all Asian people know Asian rappers!!

This is where Asian Rap Worldwide comes in. Our mandate is to promote Asian emcees and Asian Rap music from a variety of different ethnicities whether they be Lao, Vietnamese, Thai, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Filipino etc. (Asia is a big continent and I don't need to name every race but you guys get the point). There will be information about Asian rappers and their music and perhaps this can be a starting point where they can network together and collaborate to build a stronger Asian rap community. Like in my interview with Gumby said, not everyone will feel everyone's music, but then again in African American hip hop there are so many genres out there that not everyone listens to the same thing. Some people only listen to artists from the west coast; some only listen to east coast music. Some people only listen to dirty south music. Some only listen to conscious rap. Some people only listen to gangsta rap.

Asian Rap Worldwide will be the new platform for Asian Rappers and aspiring Asian rappers. Yes, and not all of Asian rappers have the same style or rap about the same thing. That is the beauty of it all. Every artist is an individual and they write from their own life experience. Asian Rap Worldwide is where Asian Rappers can promote their music, their albums, and their merchandise and most importantly, get their message out there to our community!

Holla if you feel me…



Anonymous said...

do you have a facebook account?
if you do,leave me a link here.

im an aspiring lyricist.
got some freestyles written which i will be voicing over coldplay's "lost".

im still stutying at the moment...but would wanna get the track done and go on air.

i got a question man....

if i use the beats from coldplay just to unveil my talents on say places like you tube,

do you think imma get sued?