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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Drunken Tiger - 8:45 Heaven

Drunken Tiger member Tiger JK wrote this song during the production of his 2007 album, Sky is the limit. The song is called 8:45 Heaven because that was the official time (8:45am) his grandmother passed away and this song was written in her memory. The original instrumental of this song is from MC Juice's Sick of Hustlin'.

Drunken Tiger, which is comprised Tiger JK and DJ Shine is often credited with being the first hip-hop pioneers in Korea since 1998. They have produced 7 albums: The Year of The Tiger (1998), The Great Rebirth (2000), The Legend of.... (2001), Foundation (2003), One is Not a Lonley Word (2004), Isolated Ones, Left Foot Forward! (2005) and Sky is the Limit (2007). The first 3 Drunken Tiger albums features English rap songs and the last 4 albums are primarily in Korean. Tiger JK is also married to T and they have a son together.


deanna said...
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shiny star said...

Love never gives up, never loses faith and is always hopeful.--1 Cor. 13 :)

Steve said...

is there anywhere to get this instrumental?