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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Chuckie Akenz - My Heart

My Heart is a song from Vietnamese rapper, Chuckie Akenz. At first it seems that this song is a love song to a significant other, but it is really a song about his gun. In My Heart he personifies his gun as his lover by telling the story on how he first got acquainted with the gun and Chuckie uses allegorical terms to describe how his gun is like a loyal girlfriend, who stayed with Chuckie until the very end when the police seperated the both of them.

I like how this music video was directed. It first starts out with Chuckie Akenz in jail and it unfolds the story of how he got the gun, what he did with it, how it helped him to get revenge on the people that attacked him, and then while the story unfolds, you see the police slowly trailing where Chuckie's whereabouts and eventually kicking the door and arresting Chuckie and putting him in the position where the story first began. As true to the song, the girl that follows Chuckie Akenz around in the music video is the personification of the gun.