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Monday, January 19, 2009

Singaporean Gangster Girl Video Bashing

Ha ha ha! This video is funny!!

This video is from the Singaporean television series Crimewatch which is about crime prevention. This episode is about the out-of-control teenagers of Singapore. The synopsis of the video is that some guy received a video on his cell phone of "gangster girls" beating up another girl and then he reports to the police. He tells the police who sent it to him and eventually the police track down the gangster girls and the victim of the video. Out of some strange twist of fate and to my surprise, we learn that one of the gangster girls, "Kelly" who took part in the beating and the spreading of the video is the older sister of the victim, "Emily". Wtf?

The acting in this video is horrible and the "gangster girls" don't even look gangster at all, well maybe with the exception of the "Pamela" girl who has that mean scowl on her face throughout the whole video. Anyways enjoy this one folks..............