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Saturday, September 27, 2008

MC Hotdog - Wo Ai Tai Mei

MC Hotdog - WAKE UP

我愛台妹, (pronounced: Wo Ai Tai Mei), is Manadrin for "I love Taiwanese Chicks. This song is by the Taiwanese rapper, MC Hotdog and his adoration for girls from Taiwan.

MC Hotdog first started out his rap career in the year 2000, being a social critic and making satirical songs about Taiwanese pop culture about how it is over-run by Korean media and Taiwanese "plastic artists".

Contrary to what people are saying on the internet, or what the English wikipedia entry on MC Hotdog says, the sample of the song is NOT from the Spinner's Ill Be Around. It does sound like it, but the actual sample is from Glenn Frey's The One You Love.

Here's the actual song:


Unknown said...

thanks for sharing, i love this rap and the sample they use

Anonymous said...

You guys know by any chance the name of the artist on the original song Mc hot dog sampled for this track ?

Julien said...

You guys know by any chance the name of the original track he sampled and the name of the band ?

ROYAL said...

just re-edited this entry.... bwahaha