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Saturday, May 08, 2010

Study claims that Chinese people evolved from Indians

According to this recent study I'm not only Chinese, I'm also African and Indian. This might explain my fondness of rap music and curry.

If this study is true, then Columbus was right in calling the Native Americans, "Indians". LOL.

Frankly, I'm skeptical about this theory, but it does provoke some thought. I think Tibetans, Bhutanese, Thais and Burmese people share similar features with Indians though...

via dnaindia

The Chinese evolved from Indians: Study

Vineeta Pandey / DNA
Friday, December 11, 2009 1:44

A genetic study has found that Indians are the ancestors of the Chinese and other East Asian populations.

The study, a joint project of 10 Asian countries, found that India received a wave of migration from Africa 60,000-70,000 years ago and these early humans subsequently moved to East and Southeast Asia. The earlier belief was that humans from Africa reached India and East and Southeast Asia separately.

The study has important implications, especially in the understanding of human migratory patterns and in the investigation of genetics and disease.

The findings of the five-year study — conducted by a group of 90 scientists, including those from India, in a consortium of 40 Asian laboratories under the Human Genome Organisation — have been published in the journal Science.

The study analysed genetic data of 1,900 individuals representing 73 population groups. The findings showed that Asian genetic ancestry correlated highly with ethnic and linguistic groups and “considerable gene flow was observed among sub-populations of the clusters” that were studied; the clusters included “groups believed to practice endogamy (marriage within a group) based on linguistics, cultural and ethic information”.

“This large study establishes that Indians are ancestors of the Japanese, Chinese and all other East Asians. All these populations have a common genetic origin and it shows that India represents a microcosm of Asia’s genetic diversity,” said Samir Brahmachari, director-general, Council for Scientific and Industrial Research — a participant in the study.


Anonymous said...

i don't understand why this would be surprising. if human life originated in africa, then people obviously people immigrated from africa and settled other places - and pushed farther and farther for whatever reason.

if you don't subscribe to this theory, then you find such a study surprising.

i've known chinese people who are aghast to think they evolved from anywhere outside of "china," particularly if the supposed origin is african.

Anonymous said...

oh, and look at the features of a lot of asians - african all the way. lol - south asian - filipino, cambodian, vietnamese - in particular.

some indians, if they had kinky hair, they'd be "black" african just like that. no problemo. this theory is not a stretch at all.

Anonymous said...

doesnt xplain the eyes and skintone ya know

Anonymous said...

uh, not every single feature from ancient africans who migrated will show up in present-day people. this immigration took place over thousands, if not millions of years. people develop characteristics that are suitable to the environment they are in.

if you don't want to believe you evolved from africans who spread out, then that's on you. lol.

you can work through your own issues or wait for a breakthrough that says the chinese/other asians are actually a separate species from the rest of us. lol.

Anonymous said...

Insecure Indian articles again... They're so sad. lol

Anonymous said...

my friend matt is asain. his best freind is black.

Anonymous said...

I believe this as much as I believe I came from a monkey.