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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dog G disses Jay Chou for not using his "diao"

Here's some Taiwanese celebrity gossip for you guys today...

Taiwanese celebrity television host Patty Hou, who considered as mega-babe status in Taiwan, will be getting married sometime year to a multi-millionaire Citigroup executive, Ken Huang. Patty Hou also publicly declared that she IS virgin and that is saving herself for marriage. Then all a sudden in comes rapper Dog G who released a little freestyle rap dissing Jay Chou, Patty's ex-boyfriend, for not tappin that ass when they were together for about 2 years. Jay is pretty pissed off at Dog G and just said he just name drops and disses celebrities to become famous. But that brings us to this question...

............Do you think Jay got a piece of that Patty cake? LOL.

More pics of Patty Hou:

Dayyyyyyyum...she's gorgeous.

And here's her lucky baller banker fiance, Ken Huang.

Of course when they tie the knot, the paparazzi will be all over them like white on rice, trying to find out whatever scandal they can. Some of the media speculates that Patty Hou is already pregnant and this might be a shotgun wedding. Yup, that's how the Taiwanese media is. They are monsters!!

Oh well. I hope these two will be very happy together!!

Via channelnewsasia

Jay Chou lashes out at rapper Dog G for insulting song

Posted: 17 February 2010 1422 hrs

TAIPEI : Taiwanese superstar Jay Chou has lashed out at rapper Dog G for writing a song about ex-girlfriend Patty Hou's virgin bride status that indirectly insulted him.

The Taiwanese rapper, inspired by media reports that the soon-to-be-married television host Hou is a virgin bride, wrote in his song that Chou "writes about being 'diao' [cool, powerful] in his songs, but is all talk and never used it".

The word 'diao' can also refer to the male genitalia in the Taiwanese dialect.

Chou joked that it was up to the Green Hornet - the singer plays Kato in the upcoming Hollywood film of the same name - and Panda Heroic - a panda themed superhero played by Chou's close friend Devon Song - to uphold justice. So he asked Song, popularly known as Dan Tou, to respond on his behalf.

"If Dog G did not rely on scolding other people, he would be an unknown singer," said Song.

"I originally wanted to write a song to stand up for Chou but he [Chou] told me to spend time with my family over the Lunar New Year period and not waste my time," Song added.

Song also said that he was not happy with the way Dog G insulted his close friend and especially disliked the way the rapper showed no respect towards women. He pointed out that Hou was getting married soon and Dog G should not have brought attention to rumours that could smear her name.

Dog G on the other hand claimed he wrote the song because he found the media's obsession with virginity irksome and wanted to "showcase this serious issue with humour".

Dog G, whose real name is Zeng Guanrong and best known for his current affairs-inspired songs, also said that he "did not think scolding other people would make [him] popular" and welcomed Chou to write a song to admonish him, though he said that he would retaliate.

- CNA/ha

The infamous freestyle rap from Dog G:


Shimmy Shimmy Ya said...

ahah good question, royal..

Shimmy Shimmy Ya said...

ahah good question, royal..