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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Chuckie Akenz - You Got Beef

Chuckie Akenz is a Vietnamese rapper from the Jane and Finch neighbourhood of Toronto, Canada. You Got Beef was Chuckie's most controversial hit and it was downloaded all over the world.

With extremely violent lyrics such as "we were born to fuckin fight and we'll leave you in a mess/ the minute u talk u get machetes to your chest/" and seemingly racist remarks such as "if you ain't Viet, son you ain't shiet", You Got Beef sparked a lot of controversy, but through the controversy Chuckie Akenz gained many loyal fans. This video was produced by Paul Nguyen from, who also directed many of Chuckie Akenz's music videos. Chukie Akenz is releasing a new album with the title From the Beginning. More to cover on this asipiring Asian rapper in the near future.

Note: The black guy with the turquoise jacket is also seen in some scenes in with the Vietnamese mob to illustrate that this video was done for artistic purposes. Some people take the internet waaaay too seriously ;)